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UL Green Team Members

Alicia Añino, Todd Daniels-Howell, Teodora Durbin, Jeanette El, Paul Moffett, Ann O'Bryan, Anna Proctor, Andy Smith, Steve Towne
Email Group: in-ulib-greenteam@iupui.edu
Website: http://ulib.iupui.edu/green


On Earth Week 2014 and 2015, the GT hosted informational tables on green topics from internal and external constituents to educate students. In 2015, the GT organized info tables for students on how to make your own bike panniers from kitty litter containers and how to make pencil boxes from old cassette tapes (with free samples from discarded tapes from library collections); posted social media tips on how to be green on campus; and 4 members toured Ray's Trash Service (company that recycles campus items).

In December 2013 and November 2014, the GT organized "dumpster dives" on the 2nd floor of the library to analyze how much material that could have been recycled was thrown into trash bins. In 2013 we analyzed trash bins from student areas and the results showed that 54% of trash could have been recycled. In 2014 we analyzed the trash bins from staff areas and the results showed that 67% of trashed items could have been recycled!

During Fall 2010, Green Team members:

  • Provided 12 showings of the movie “No Impact Man”, with a total attendance of 102
  • Met with campus Energy Engineer Manager, John Kamman, to discuss ongoing and prospective campus and library physical plan sustainability projects
  • Attended No Impact Week October 4-8 events including
    • Discussions with Colin Beavan, author of common theme book “No Impact Man”
    • Free Swap Market
    • Garden work day - participated in creating plant beds on the South side of the Science Building Developing IUPUI’s Gardens Sustainably (DIGS)

We will continue to be involved in the planting of various flowers, herbs and vegetables this spring.

Greening IUPUI Grant Fund 2011

IUPUI is providing up to $50,000 annually to fund student, faculty and staff led initiatives which will "green" IUPUI by advancing the Sustainability Principles. Grants are for projects or activities that will reduce the environmental impact of IUPUI¹s campus. Preliminary applications are due January 18, 2011. Download and complete the grant application at the website below.

Link: IUPUI Sustainability Grant

The Green Team submitted an application to retrofit several University Library drinking fountains to be able to conveniently refill water bottles. In April 2011, funds were granted to retrofit two drinking fountains in UL. At this point, we are getting ready to submit the service request with Campus Facility Services. This will initiate the actual installation process. Stay tuned for work progress details!

Shortly after the begin of Fall Semester 2011 two water bottle filler station were installed : on the 1st floor (outside of room UL 1115) and on the 3rd floor, in the Stacks, close to the SLIS area. Currently, the GT is recording the number of bottles filled (each station is equipped with a counting mechanism) to see how well the stations are used. And they are indeed - the number of bottles refilled (and plastic bottle waste eliminated!) continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Greening IUPUI Grant Fund 2012

This year's project is planting native plants, flowers, grasses and shrubs, outside of University Library, namely at the front and on North and South sides. The Green Team worked in collaboration with the Indiana Wildlife Federation to create the plant list and design. The Greening Grant Committee approved the proposal and granted us $ 5,000 to fund it. We were instructed by the Committee to work with IU Architect's Office and Campus Facility Services' Grounds to finalize the list of plants and planting design. This was accomplished. The planting date was originally set to June 26. As the time drew nearer, however, the weather got hotter and dryer. We decided it was prudent to postpone planting until September, hoping the severe drought currently troubling all Indiana will be over. This will give the new plants much better survival chances. The GT plans to gather volunteers among University Library employees, students from DIGS and Honors College. University Library Dean David Lewis will provide light refreshments for those who come out to plant. The Green Team will take the lead in taking care of the plants, together with volunteers among employees and students.

With the assistance of IUPUI Office of Sustainability this project was registered for National Planting Day, a Keep America Beautiful initiative:


As a registrant, we may receive periodic updates about National Planting Day activities, including resources, educational materials and more to help us celebrate the day and share our passion with others. After the event, we will be contacted with a brief survey so we can share what we did, and even submit pictures of our natives.

We are looking forward to planting - it will be a day of good work and fun!

April 18, 2013:

A dedicated group of 'Green Spirits' - Green Team members, library staff, Honors College students and staff, IU Architect's Office IUPUI Campus Grounds Services representative planted a variety of beautiful native flowers, shrubs and grasses in front of University Library. We hope they will grow stronger as the seasons pass and be a lovely legacy to future generations of students, employees and visitors beautifying the heart of the IUPUI campus.

Spring 2014:

This year, we plan to hold Planting Phase II - with the remaining funds of this grant, we will plant larger areas in front of the University Library. Expected planting date is mid-late April. More updates will be posted as they become available.

Tree Care Initiative

In June 2012, the Green Team was approached by the IUPUI Campus Tree Advisory Committee to organize a team of volunteers to help care for the newly planted trees near University Library and the Science Building. This commiittee was formed last year and some of the projects it is working on are: getting IUPUI designated as a Tree Campus USA; GIS database of all 4,000 + trees on campus; increasing the canopy cover, etc. Our appeal to University Library employees produced a group of several GT members and employees committed to to water 'our' trees.

We begin watering early July. We water twice a week, 15 gal. of water per tree each time.

Our profound thanks to these caring individuals willing to do the extra work to help the young trees survive: Ann O'Bryan, Robin Crumrin, Teresa McCurry, Teodora Durbin, Paul Moffett, Matt Radican, Andy Smith, Steve Towne, Etta Ward.

Small Electronics Recycling at UL

In January 2013, the Green Team, in collaboration with RecycleForce (http://www.recycleforce.org) will begin a new initiative: recycling of small electronics, such as phones, tablets, chargers, or curling irons. The recycling bin will be securely located at UL Circulation. Library users and visitors will hand in their old electronics to library Circulation staff who will place the items in the bin. RecycleForce will be responsible for pick-up.

Bicycle Parking in UL 1115

In May 2011, the idea was submitted to the GT to see whether it would be possible for colleagues who ride their bikes to work to leave them indoors for the duration of their work day. The GT took the issue up. We received permission from Dean David Lewis. A corner in UL 1115 was designated for this purpose. Since then, our bike riding library employees have been taking advantage of this convenient solution.

Kudos to them for leaving their car at home and thus leading a more environmentally friendly life!

Collaboration with DIGS

In the Spring of 2011, DIGS President Rachel Bennett approached our GT about lending a watering hand to their Urban Garden at IUPUI project. GT members responded to the appeal and began daily care for the raised beds on the South side of SL/LD building. As the season progressed, DIGS planted veggies and flowers in various planters and bubblers in front of University Library and the SL/LD building. The GT troops were summoned and formed daily watering shifts. Pounds and pounds of green beans, summer squash, peppers and herbs were harvested and donated to local food pantries. For fall, lettuce and a few varieties of leafy greens replaced the summer crops. We continue to water, not as often as in the summer.

There are plans in the making about next year's gardening enterprises on our campus. The GT will continue to support DIGS in this noble work helping grow marvelous produce right here, at the IUPUI urban campus.

For the 2012 growing season, the GT will adopt the raised plant beds which DIGS relocated from the south side of the SL/LD building to the north side (lawn across University Library). Daily, we water, weed, check on grass length as needed. The planters in front and back of UL were reclaimed by CFS Grounds so the GT will take care of the bubblers in the back where DIGS will plant wild flowers.

Greening Resource Websites

This page is a compilation of links to sites with information about greening libraries and universities. Greening Resources

Recycling Initiatives

The Green Team is sponsoring recycling of cardboard, paperboard, and plastics 3-7 which are not accepted through Campus recycling. We have put up collection bins in the staff lounge. Bags are supplied by the Green Team. Members take turns taking the full bags to Rock-Tenn Recycling on West Street. The roster is:

  • Feb 2010 Kathleen
  • Mar 2010 Ann
  • April 2010 Jennifer
  • May 2010 Andy
  • June 2010 Ann
  • July 2010 Teodora
  • August 2010 Jennifer
  • September 2010 Brenda
  • October 2010 Andy
  • November 2010 Jennifer
  • December 2010 Randall
  • January 2011 Ann
  • February 2011 Kathleen
  • March 2011 Andy
  • April 2011 Jennifer
  • May 2011 Randall
  • June 2011 Kathleen
  • July 2011 Andy
  • August 2011 Jennifer
  • September 2011 Kathleen
  • October 2011 Andy
  • Oct 17, 2011 -- stopped project. Ray's Recycling accepts all numbers plastic and paperboard. We will use existing bins.

In April 2010, the Green Team also sponsored a one-time collection of old computer discs and videotapes from library staff. A Green Team member took the collected items to End of Life Electronics Recycling in Fishers (11815 Technology Lane, Fishers, IN, EOLE Midwest, Phone: 317-849-7314, Fax: 317-849-7318, email: info@eolemidwest.com, www.eolemidwest.com). This was done again in June 2011.

In June 2015, the GT decided to collect coffee grounds on a small scale (from library staff only) and the team rotates carrying full buckets of grounds to the White River State Park garden compost bins in collaboration with Growing Places Indy.

Green Leaf Certification

Green Leaf Certification Program, as approved by the University Library Management Team in July 2010.

Use and Re-Use Your Own Coffee Mug

In June 2010 The Green Team contacted the Director of IUPUI Food Services to inquire about UL patrons' use of their own coffee mugs when purchasing coffee at the food kiosks in the library. We worked with the Marketing Director of IUPUI Food Services to create signs encouraging students, staff and faculty to do so. On the first day of the fall semester, Aug. 23, 2010, the signs were displayed at appropriate locations in University Library.

Earth Day 2010 Survey

During the International Festival and Earth Day Celebration on April 22, University Library sponsored a table to highlight some of our resources. Along with these resources, the Green Team added a spinning wheel question/answer game with an environmental theme and asked participants to complete a survey asking for input on how to make the library a greener place to work and study. Participants could either answer a paper survey or complete the same survey online on an available laptop. After the event, the survey remained available online and library staff and patrons were encourages to respond. Below are the survey and the results.

Green Team Presentation January 2010

Green Team PowerPoint Presentation January 2010 Org Week

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